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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why The Miz Is a Great To Kane & Daniel Bryan's Dysfunctional Storyline

On the November 12th WWE Monday Night Raw, Kane was forced to tag with the man Who to fill the remaining spot on Team Foley for Survivor Series, The Miz.

nd Daniel Bryan pitched a hissy.

The curious partnership that developed between Kane and Daniel Bryan has not exactly been filled with high-fives and fist-bumps. For the most part, the two men collectively known as Team Hell No don’t get along at all, choosing instead to blame each other for the duo’s shortcomings and focusing on just who is the tag team champion.

But this has been a formula for some very entertaining moments, leaving fans in awe of just how well the two Superstars play off of each other during their hilarious spots.
A lot of the credit for that goes to Kane, who is no stranger to funny and often bizarre storylines in WWE.  The man known as the Big Red Machine may be a dangerous and vicious heel, but as a baby face, he is comedy gold.  
Between his deadpan reactions and his subtle timing, Kane is a guy who understands how to handle himself in the funniest of situations, and knows how to get a laugh.
And let’s not forget Daniel Bryan, who did not get over in the company until he was allowed to relax, stop trying to please fans as a face, and just have fun with his character.  Once he shifted from eccentric to neurotic, Bryan found new life in WWE.
Doing all he can to maintain a straight face while screaming “NO” at fans, Bryan has made it obvious that he’s having just as much fun as they are.  He’s also making it look easy, as if every spot is improvised and not planned to be as funny as it is.
They are polar opposites who should not gel, but do.  They should not be over, but they are.  And, the fact is that they should not be the highlight of Raw.  
And more often than not, they are just that.
But as the months have gone by and Team Hell No has continued its anger management tour of WWE, the question as to how long this will go on has been asked by some fans.  Could Kane turn on Bryan?  Will Bryan betray Kane?  How long before the gimmick plateaus, the freshness begins to grow stale, and fans lose interest?
This is a plot that needs a twist.
Enter The Miz, who was picked to be on Mick Foley’s team at this Sunday’s Survivor Series.  
To say that Daniel had a problem with his partner working a match with someone other than himself is a huge understatement.  Though he’s never given Kane any credit for the success of the team, Bryan was irate at the thought of Miz basically taking his place in the match on Raw.
And when he objected, fans were likely reminded of why they fell in love with Team Hell No in the first place.
Now, the focus shifts from Bryan’s obsession with outdoing his partner in the ring, to being threatened by The Miz, whose only goal is to get his hands on Dolph Ziggler, the man who disrespected him on Raw.
Let the comedy begin anew.
Now, Team Hell No has a new problem, another issue that will divide it even more.  The members of Team Hell No were close to the breaking point before Miz’s involvement and we will now undoubtedly see them unwind like never before.
That new wrinkle in the story could give fans a renewed interest in the team and a reason to care even more about it.  Team Hell No was hot, but during the scenario with Miz on Raw, it became even hotter.  
And for The Miz, who has arguably not been relevant since holding the WWE Championship, his career just got a little more interesting.
Apart from the fact that Miz is good in the ring and for some fans is a very underrated Superstar, he is also a guy with a sense of humor.  His personality could mesh really well with the dysfunctional Team Hell No, and he would finally be given an opportunity to entertain, to relax a little and to just have fun.
For me, this storyline is a win win situation.  Provided that WWE continues with the angle after Survivor Series on Sunday, we could be in for some very entertaining spots and perhaps more humor than we have seen up to this point.
WWE Superstars are entertainers, and when a storyline this fun comes along, they can do what they do best and make fans happy in the process.  For Team Hell No, the possible inclusion of Miz into the angle means new avenues that can be traveled and new situations that can be explored.
And most certainly, more laughs to be had.

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  1. Man Daniel's "jealousy" about it was hilarious. I laughed my ass off at his backstage promo.

    I agree with this article.