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Monday, November 19, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Results, Live Coverage and Updates of Big 4 PPV

Survivor Series is live and as venerable as ever. This year's Big Four franchise is headlined by a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between John CenaCM Punk and Ryback, while the Big Show and Sheamus will engage in an encore of their brilliant match from Hell in a Cell. 
Here are some pretty nasty predictions after the jump.

WWE Survivor Series 2012: CM Punk Retains WWE Title After Busy Finish to "Protect" Ryback

CM Punk started the match running from Cena and Ryack separately before the two made quick work of the champion and dumped him out of the ring. 
Cena and Ryback went toe-to-toe, resulting in Cena going to the outside while Punk rolled in to replace him.  Punk was once again discarded as Cena reentered the ring.
Cena and Punk began going at it, with Punk quickly taking control and grounding Cena with unique submission holds. 
While CM Punk had Cena in a modified submission hold from the Northern Lights position, Ryback picked him up and slammed him.  Cena connected with his signature power bomb but Ryback no-sold the maneuver, rising to his feet as the two exchanged blows. 
The action spilled to the outside as Ryback threw Cena into the stairs. 
Back in the ring with CM Punk, Ryback connected with a Meathook Clothesline, and as he attempted Shell Shocked, Cena locked in the STF. 
CM Punk broke the hold with a Flying Elbow Drop.  CM Punk and Cena arose from the wreckage, exchanging blows but Ryback quickly broke it up with a double clothesline. 
After sending both men over the top rope, Ryback went to the outside and attempted to hit Shell Shocked on both men however they retaliated and double teamed Ryback. 
Punk and Cena hit a tandem suplex on Ryback through a table, taking out Ryback. 
Cena connected with his moves of doom back in the ring, but CM Punk countered the power bomb with a GTS for a nearfall. 
Cena hit the AA immediately after, but Punk kicked out. 
Cena later slapped on the AA, but Ryback pulled Cena out of the ring and hit another Meathook Clothesline on Punk. 
Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Punk, but Cena broke up the pinfall.  Ryback then hit Shell Shocked on Cena, but was immediately attacked by a pack of security guards. 
The security guards were revealed as Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.  The three put Ryback through a table, then CM Punk covered Cena for the win. 
Winner: CM Punk

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Dolph Ziggler Survives, Team Ziggler Wins

Kofi Kingston hit an early high spot on David Otunga where he dove from the top rope onto the outside. 
-Miz entered the match for the first time after three of his teammates were eliminated in order to build mistrust for the newly minted babyface.  The Miz made a spirited comeback on Team Ziggler, leading a rallying effort for Team Foley. 
-Mick Foley used Mr. Socko on Ricardo Rodriguez.  
-Kane eliminated Damien Sandow after Daniel Byran kicked him in the head and Kane connected with a chokeslam.
-Dolph Ziggler eliminated Kane with a Zig Zag while Kane and Daniel Bryan were arguing.
-Daniel Bryan eliminated David Otunga with a Yes Lock after Otunga attempted an arrogant cover. 
-Wade Barrett eliminated Kofi Kingston after a Tilt-A-Whirl slam followed by a Bull Hammer. 
-Alberto Del Rio eliminated Daniel Bryan with a Cross Arm Breaker. 
-The Miz eliminated Wade Barrett after countering a Pump Handle Slam with a Skull Crushing Finale. 
-Alberto Del Rio eliminated Miz with an Enzuigiri kick after Miz missed his signature running clothesline in the corner. 
-Randy Orton eliminated Alberto Del Rio with an RKO.
-Dolph Ziggler eliminated Randy Orton after hitting Orton with a superkick as Orton went for a punt. 
Winners: Team Ziggler

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Sheamus Defeats Big Show by DQ, Then Lays Him Out. Then Ziggler Stays Backstage

Sheamus started the match aggressively, but was continuously swatted and tossed around by the Big Show, who controlled the match early. 
The tides turned when the Big Show became trapped between the first and second rope and Sheamus made the most of this opportunity by pummeling the Big Show with rights. 
Sheamus attempted to dive from the top rope but was met with a huge spear as the Big Show once again took control of the match. 
The Big Show continued his patented offense over Sheamus as he walked over him, stepped on his head and pummeled his ribs. 
The crowd got behind Sheamus as he tried to get back into the match but the Big Show cut him off at every turn. 
Sheamus took the Big Show off his feet as the two brawled on the ground, with Sheamus getting the better of the Big Show.  Sheamus connected with a flying axe handle smash, followed by White Noise, but only for a nearfall.
Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick, but the Big Show pulled the referee in front of him and the referee took the maneuver.  Two more referees and EMTs hit the ring to work on the official, and as Sheamus attended to the official, the Big Show knocked out Sheamus with a KO punch for the win.
After some discussion, Sheamus the decision was reversed and Sheamus was declared the winner by DQ. 
Winner by Disqualification:  Big Show

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: AJ Lee Embarrasses Vickie Guerrero, Tamina Returns

AJ Lee came out for a mildly entertaining talking segment with Vickie Guerrero, where she teased that she had damning evidence against the current RAW authority figure. 
AJ showed doctored photos of Vickie Guerrero enjoying burritos with Ricardo Rodriguez, slobbing down on barbecue sauce with Jim Ross, and dancing in a bedroom with Brodus Clay, much to Guerrero's (who was present) chagrin. 
The two went back and forth, taunting each other that one would be fired if she laid a hand on the other.  This cued Tamina, who attacked AJ and connected with a Superfly Splash before leaving the ring with Vickie Guerrero.

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Antonio Cesaro Defeats R-Truth, Retains US Championship

Cesaro dominated much of the early goings of the match with uppercuts and rest holds.  Truth battled back a few times but Cesaro continued to impose his will with a grounded attack. 
Truth began yet another comeback and was briefly stopped by a knee to the face from the corner.  Truth quickly recovered and connected with a spinning heel kick and a modified suplex, each for a nearfall. 
Truth went for a Scissor Kick but missed as Cesaro countered with an uppercut followed by a Neutralizer for the win. 
Winner: Antonio Cesaro 

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: Eve Defeats Kaitlyn, Retains Divas Title

Kaitlyn was attacked backstage by Akasana, who was wearing a blonde wig.  After a transparent Eve tried to comfort Kaitlyn, she was subsequently attacked by Kaitlyn. 
The match started with Kaitlyn and Eve brawling in the ring as the two quickly rolled to the outside.
Once the action returned to the ring, Eve grounded Kaitlyn with a leg triangle lock.  Kaitlyn fought out of the hold and bumped Eve off the apron as she begun to take control of the match. 
Kaitlyn scored a gutbuster but only for a nearfall.   A desperate Eve held onto the apron as Kaitlyn dragged her back into the ring, but Eve was able to capitalize with a modified neckbreaker for the win. 
Winner:  Eve

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: Team Mysterio Defeats Team Tensai

The bonus Survivor Series matchup featured the team of Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Brodus Clay and Justin Gabriel taking on the Prime Time Players, Primo, Epico and Tensai. 
Key Spots
-Kidd and Epico started the match with basic mat wrestling dominated by Kidd. 
-Gabriel made the tag and continued the offense, getting a nearfall on a standing moonsault before tagging out. 
-Mysterio worked over Young in the corner before quickly tagging out as Sin Cara entered the match like a house afire, connecting with multiple high spots on Epico. 
-Mysterio and Sin Cara stood on the middle ropes as Kidd and Gabriel performed stereo Suicide Dives on the Prime Time Players, followed by stereo moonsaults on the Primo and Epico. 
Brodus Clay was eliminated by Tensai after a running Senton Splash.  Tensai recovered from a scary bump after a botched T-Bone suplex prior to the fall. 
Justin Gabriel eliminated Tensai with a Crucifix rollup. 
Tyson Kidd eliminated Titus O'Neil with a springboard rollup. 
Tyson Kidd eliminated Epico with the SharpShooter.  
Rey Mysterio eliminated Primo with a rollup. 
Rey Mysterio eliminated Darren Young with a top-rope splash after the remaining survivors performed their finishers. 
Winners:  Team Mysterio

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