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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WWE Monday Night Raw Results - John Cena Injured, CM Punk's Championship Celebration & More 19 Nov, 2012

A video package opens the night highlighting all the major moments of WWE Survivor Series, complete with cheesy reality TV voice-over guy. Ryback's music hits and he makes his way out as Michael Cole and Jerry "the King" Lawler welcome us to Monday Night Raw!
Ryback actually grabs a mic and says that last night he was about to "feed" on the WWE Champion, and CM Punk and his three men have become his new prey. He calls all of them out to face him; if they don't, he promises to tear down the arena until he finds them. He starts a "feed me more!" chant as Vickie Guerrero comes out to a giant chorus off boo's from the live crowd. 
Vickie says that Ryback had two chances to win the WWE Championship, and failed at both attempts. She threatens him with a fine "or more" if he destroys anything on Raw tonight, and introduces his opponent to kick off the evening.

1. Rayback VS. Tensai

Tensai bullies Ryback into the corner, but he powers back with hugh right hooks. Tensai connects with a clothesline; he's goes for another but Ryback counters with the Thesz Press, followed by his signature thrusts into the mat. The two attempt to lock up, with Tensai getting the better of it. Tensai connects with a spinebuster and a running back drop, but Ryback kicks out of a pin before the ref could even count to one. 
Ryback throws Tensai to the outside and screams "give me Punk!" Tensai gets thrown into the barricade, off the ring post, and eventually back into the ring. Ryback pumps the shoulder in the corner as the crowd gets behind him with "feed me more!" chants; the meathook clothesline connects! Ryback lifts Tensai up in a huge feat of strength, marches around the ring and puts him away with Shellshock!

Winner: Ryback

2. Kofi Kingston VS. Wade Barrett

Barrett starts this match off strong, ducking under several of Kofi's strikes and taking him down with a big shoulder block. Into the corner now, Barrett throws a few closed right hands, connecting to the gut of the Champion. He backs off at the request of the referee, but goes right back to work before running into a kick from Kingston. The Champ's momentum doesn't last long however, as Barrett keeps up the size advantage, going to town with big right fists to the head and abs. Barrett with a neckbreaker for a two-count, as Cole mentions how much he is dominating over the Intercontinental Champion in this match. Kingston tries to get some air off a springboard, but Wade knocks him down hard to the floor as we go to another commercial. Commercial Break As we come back, Wade Barrett has Kofi down in a headlock on the mat. As he struggles to get free, they show clips of what happened during the break, including a big boot that nearly knocked out the Champion. Barrett with a thumb to the eye, as he continues to dismantle Kingston. Kofi gets hung up in the ropes and Barrett delivers yet another boot, sending him crashing to the outside. Barrett goes to meet him, and sends him eye-first into the edge of the steel steps, before bouning him off the announcer's table and rolling him back into the ring. Lawler continues to mention that the referee should stop this match, as Kingston is near-lifeless. Barrett hooks in chin hold, but the fans finally rally Kingston back to life! Off the Irish whip, Barrett goes for the Winds of Change, but Kofi turns it into a roll-up and almost gets the three. For the first time the Champion fires up and delivers a series of high intensity kicks before nailing him with a dropkick. Kofi off the ropes and tries for a crossbody, but he gets caught with a huge Winds of Change sideslam. 1..2...but Kofi somehow kicks out! Out of nowhere Kingston hits the S.O.S., but Barrett kicks out. Wade once again rakes the eyes, before deliving the Bull Hammer elbow throw for the victory over the Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: Wade Barrett

3. Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

Aksana tries to leave the ring as soon as the match starts, and Kaitlyn follows her right into a trap; big clothesline takes her down to the concrete. They roll back in the ring and Aksana shoves her face into the ring over and over again, screaming at the top of her lungs. Aksana locks in a nice cross armbreaker over the top rope, but is forced to break the hold by the referee. 
Kaitlyn thrown hard into the turnbuckle off a strong Irish whip, but she throws some elbows and fights back. Kaitlyn with several hair tosses and a shoulder tackle, before a very sloppy flap-jack. Kaitlyn nails a big knee to the gut for the three-count.

Winner: Kaitlyn

4. Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay

R-Truth is sitting commentary for this match, "scouting talent". Brodus goes right after the US Champion early on, firing off with rights and lefts in the corner. Brodus misses a big corner splash and runs right into the turnbuckle. Cesaro gets a flurry of punches himself, before bringing the big man to one knee and taking him down with a clothesline. 
Cesaro's attempts to stay in control don't last though, as the Funkasaurus nails the big corner splash this time. He tries for the second rope splash, but Cesaro rolls out of the way - does nobody watch Big Show matches? - and Clay eats the mat. The US Champ gets Brodus up for the Neutralizer, and nails it! 

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

5. 2/3 Falls Match - Randy Orton vs. Alberto del Rio

Del Rio goes on the offense quickly, attacking Orton in the ropes despite the warnings from the referee. ADR goes to the outside and wraps Orton's arm around the ring post, slamming them together over and over until the referee calls for the bell. 
Decision #1: Randy Orton via DQ
The announcer's put over how difficult it's going to be for del Rio to win two straight falls now, but Orton looks pretty well destroyed after that attack against the steel ring post. After a commercial break, Alberto del Rio is still in control, working over the injured arm of Randy Orton. The Viper powers out of an armbar with a big back suplex, followed by his signature stiff clotheslines. Orton tries for the RKO, but del Rio counters into the Cross Armbreaker for the submission. 
Decision #2: Alberto del Rio via Submission
The referee tells Orton he has to stand up so they can continue this match, and Randy freaks out at him. The injured arm hangs at Orton's side as del Rio backs him into a corner and works away on the good arm. Orton floats over a splash in the corner and tries for a roll-up, but del Rio kicks out at two. Orton takes time to nurse the arm, but ADR takes advantage and hits a running step-up kick right to the injury! Del Rio gets cocky though, and the Viper takes him down with the backbreaker. Orton coils up for the RKO, but Ricardo grabs his feet! The referee ejects Ricardo from the match and del Rio takes advantage of the distraction with a backstabber, but can only get two. 
Alberto del Rio mocks the crowd, telling them to get to their feet. He "coils" and tries for the RKO, but Orton gets out of the way and hits the Hangman's DDT! Orton goes for the RKO himself, but del Rio once again counters it into the Cross Armbreaker. Orton fights to stay alive, and rolls his opponent onto his shoulders for the pin! 1...2...but del Rio kicks out. Orton goes to a corner, ducks under the kick from del Rio and hits the RKO for the win.

Decision #3: Randy Orton via Pinfall

Winner: Randy Orton

You can never tell with WWE on such things but John Cena seemed to land awkwardly on his ankle during last night's (Nov. 19, 2012) episode of Monday Night Raw, potentially injuring himself.

During last night's (Nov. 19, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, John Cena appeared to roll his ankle while chasing after Dolph Ziggler during a segment on the show. It's hard to tell if it was a spot that was planned or if Cena legitimately just pushed off his ankle wrong after climbing out of the ring while trying to run down Ziggler.

It seems legit, and he really sells that there's a problem by favoring his right leg while heading up the ramp. Then, WWE played up the potential of a knee injury, showing Cena getting wrapped up while openly speculating that he had a potentially torn meniscus.

On top of that, they ran another angle with Cena grabbing AJ Lee while she was attacking Ziggler only to have Dolph attack him and send him through a couple of poorly constructed bathroom stalls. It was then that they really sold Cena being hurt, even having Josh Matthews give an update backstage.

This could have been done on the fly because WWE wanted to make sure they set themselves up in the event that Cena is really injured but it's pretty convenient in either case.
For his part, Cena played up the possibility of injury on his Twitter account after the show:
"I am headed to grand rapids right now for early morn MRI on left knee. @WWE no matter what the result, I will be in the ring tomorrow!"
Cena is scheduled to appear at the SmackDown tapings because ticket sales have been sagging and he's generally been used for dark matches to help sell the show. That makes it a lot easier to explain away his absence in the event that he's genuinely hurt and can't go.
But of course we have to suspect it's all a work and he's not really hurt. Stay tuned and we'll keep you up to date on any news that comes out, legitimate or storyline.

6. Great Khali vs. Epico & Primo

Hornswoggle comes down to the ring before the match starts, flowers in hand. Epico tries to lock up with Khali, but gets thrown back down to the mat. Same thing happens to Primo. Hornswoggle goes to give the flowers to Rosa, but they're trick flowers filled with water, that gets sprayed all over her. Khali wins with the Khali Bomb on...somebody.

Winner: Great Khali

After the match, Horny and Khali "dance" around. 
Backstage Paul Heyman is getting everything ready for CM Punk's championship celebration later on tonight. Paul-E freaks out when the decorator forgets to buy balloons, and starts shouting about balloons as we fade to commercial.

7. The Miz vs. David Otunga

They circle each other and lock up in the ring with Otunga taking the advantage and stomping away at Miz in the corner. He backs off at the request of the referee, and Miz gets in a few shots of his own. Otunga throws his opponent into the steel ring post and hits a side Russian legsweep, but only gets two. Body slam connects, followed by a jumping elbow drop using the top ring rope. Otunga gets a reverse chinlock held in place, but lets Miz up just to take him back down with a big blow to the back of his head. Otunga with several forearms as Michael Cole puts over his law record on commentary. 
Otunga right back into the reverse chinlock again, and the crowd wills him back into the match. Miz throws a few elbows to Otunga's gut, and breaks out of the hold with a small package pin attempt, but only gets two. Otunga nails a big clothesline, and brings the match back to the mat with another reverse chinlock. Otunga throws Miz off the ropes with the Irish whip and lowers the shoulder; Miz rolls over with a sunset flip pin, but only gets two. Miz goes to work with right hands in the corner, but the referee makes hiim break it up. Running clothesline finds its mark, and the former WWE Champion heads up to the top rope. He comes back down hard with a double axhandle, and signals for the Skullcrushing finale. It connects, and Otunga is done.

Winner: The Miz

7. Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Sheamus comes down to the ring carrying a steel chair. He grabs a mic and says when it all started with Big Show, it was about two warriors fighting for the World Championship. He says he'll never forget that fight, and he wasn't ashamed of losing the match. But then at Survivor Series Big Show made it personal by making him take out a referee with the Brogue Kick. He calls out the Big Show, despite his scheduled match, and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out. Big Show says the two of them have nothing to settle. He claimed he was going to get the knockout, and he did. 
Big Show says Sheamus doesn't deserve to win the World Heavyweight title. Sheamus invites him into the ring, but Damien Sandow makes his way down for their match. The two lock up, but Sandow bails into the ropes to escape a beating. Sheamus hammers him in the mouth with a big right elbow. The referee backs off Sheamus, but Sandow takes advantage of this and lands a flurry of his own punches. This doesn't last long, and King brings up the foolishness of fighting a battle of fists against Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior stands on Sandows' hand as he tries to break free. Sheamus then catches him by the beard and throws him to the outside. 
As they come back from break, Sandow is rolling Sheamus back into the ring. He applies a chin lock, but Sheamus powers out of it with big right hands to the gut. Sandow fires back with clubbing blows upside the back of his opponent, and hangs him up in the ropes as he continues to fire away. Sandow to the outside continuing his assault, as the ref yells at him to keep the action in the ring. Back to the chinlock they go, and once again Sheamus powers out of it. A third chinlock, another kick out.
A fourth chinlock, and Sheamus is finally starting to look like he might pass out. The fans get to their feet and will him back to life though, and Sheamus breaks the hold with big right hands. Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker, followed by a big knee lift to the jaw. Sandow goes to the apron and gets 10 big shots across the chest for his trouble. Sheamus goes up high and lands the Battering Ram, followed by White Noise.  Brogue Kick connects, and Sheamus picks up the win. 

Winner: Sheamus

8. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Kane & 

Daniel Bryan

The Prime Time Players joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary for this match. Titus tells Lawler to "have a heart". Wow. 
Sin Cara gets thrown to the apron by Kane; he springboards in, but Kane ducks under the attack and takes him down heart with a running shoulder block. In comes Daniel Bryan to a massive ovation from the live crowd, as he kicks away at Sin Cara in the empty corner. Bryan heads up to the top rope, and comes down with a flying knee, but Sin rolls out of the way. Mysterio gets the tag and delivers a combination of kicks. Sets up for the 619, but Kane bails to the outside. Mysterio with a seated senton to the outside! Daniel Bryan attacks Mysterio, but Sin Cara flies over the top rope and takes them all out.
Back from the break and Kane hits a side slam on Sin Cara as Michael Cole is freaking out about Darren Young picking his hair at the commentary booth. Daniel Bryan gets the tag and beats down on Sin Cara, but I'm much too distracted by the hilarious bickering by everybody at the commentary table. Except for Darren Young, who has said a total of 20 words throughout this match. Bryan runs into a big boot in the corner and Sin Cara connects with a title-the-whirl DDT from the second rope. Hot tags to Kane and Rey Mysterio! 
Mysterio goes to work on Kane's knees and heads up to the top rope. Mysterio comes down, but Kane catches him with a big throat thrust on his way back to Earth! Kane sets up for the chokeslam, but Rey counters out and sends him into the ropes. 619 connects and Mysterio goes up again for the splash. Kane catches him by the throat off the splash! Prime Time Players hit the ring and cause the DQ. 

Winner: No Contest

After the match Rey gets a double 619 on the Prime Time Players, followed by a big chokeslam from Kane. The champs argue over who is the tag team champions as we go backstage.
Paul Heyman thanks CM Punk for letting him be in charge of this championship celebration. He says he personally promises that nobody will tarnish the party, and they head off the ring! 
Paul Heyman is in the ring, which is black with a big red "X" in the center. Portraits of CM Punk are displayed in the middle of the ring; one has the Top 10 WWE Championship records. Heyman says the fans don't get to boo him. He says they cry and whine for the Attitude Era, but when they give them some attitude, they don't really like it... He says they chant "ECW!" at him, but when he gives them a little bit of extreme, and they don't like it anymore. Heyman says the WWE Universe just can't understand how good CM Punk is, as he's set the bar so high that he stands head-and-shoulders above all the rest. 
Ladies and gentlemen, your reigning WWE Champion, for one entire year at exactly 365 days... CM Punk! The Champ makes his way down to Cult of Personality, wearing his "Paul Heyman Guy" shirt as Michael Cole runs down the laundry list of Superstars he has knocked off in the last year. 
CM Punk starts his promo by saying Shawn Michaels couldn't do it. Triple H...couldn't do it. Bret "the Hitman" Hart couldn't do it. The Undertaker and the Rock couldn't do it. He says that makes him the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. He cuts to a video package highlighting his entire championship reign. It ends and about half the arena is chanting for CM Punk as Paul Heyman calls him the best in the world. Punk says this isn't just about honoring the past, but looking forward to his future. He says he won't stop until July of 2015 when, on WWE Main Event, he passes Bruno Sammartino and becomes the longest reigning champion in WWE history. 
Paul Heyman puts over Bruno and says he deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, but...he could never beat CM Punk. He says that as a matter of fact, Hulk Hogan couldn't beat CM Punk. Heyman says that on his best day, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin couldn't beat Punk and neither will the Rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble. Punk says beating Ryback and John Cena in the same night was his crowning achievement, because nobody believed he could do it. 
Ryback makes his way out and CM Punk is not happy that he's ruining his celebration. The NXT trio attacks Ryback on his way to the ring, but Ryback destroys them and goes after Punk. They recover and keep going after Ryback until they take him down. All three hammer away at him and remove the cover from the announce table just like at Survivor Series. Yet again they powerbomb the big man throught the announce table, and CM Punk stands in the ring looking down on them. He slowly exits the ring and lets the trio enter. Punk stands over the fallen body of the Ryback and raises his title high into the air before screaming "best in the world!"

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